JGYCustoms Universal

Team Dynamics Pro Race I - Available in Anthracite, White, and Flat Black, These are lightweight 17x7 (16.5lbs) $145ea.

Team Dynamics Pro Race II - Lightweight (14.5lbs) 16x7 - $131
17x7 - $159

Team Dynamics Motorsports - Available in Silver, White, and Anthracite 17x7 $169ea.

17 x 7 Volk TE37's - $575 ea

Centerline "RPM"
Chrome 17x7 $417.45 each - Black pearl or polished 17x7 $307.91ea
Chrome 18x7.5 $430.39 each - Black pearl or polished 18x7.5 $326.89 ea
Chrome 19x7.5 $442.46 each - Black pearl or polished 19x7.5 $338.96 ea

ICW Racing Arachnid
Hyper silver 15x7 $99 each
Hyper silver 16x7 $115 each
Hyper silver 17x7 $125 each
Hyper silver 18x7.5 $149 each

ICW Racing Stilletto
Chromium 17x7 $128.51
Black 18x7.5 $147.49

ICW Racing "Talon"
Gloss Black or Silver15x6.5 $87.11
Gloss Black or Silver 16x7 $95.74
Gloss Black or Silver 17x7 $112.99
Gloss Black or Silver 18x7.5 $112.99

Silver or Yellow...yes yellow 17x7 $109.54

Top Speed Muffler - $70
2.5" inlet 4" outlet

AEM UEGO - $352
It is the most accurate, fastest responding type of air/fuel ratio (AFR) sensor available on the market today.

Tial 38mm wastegate - $249

Qboost Manual boost controller for all turbo cars. Completely blocks off boost source to wastegate until adjustable spring is compressed allowing spool up time to decrease. - $35

Turbo XS SBC boost controller - $75

E36 BMW turbo kit comes with cast manifold, front mount intercooler and piping, and GT28R turbo and all lines and couplers. - $3060

HKS GTII 50mm wastegate - $720

For Honda B18C1 engine, Greddy Turbo Kit - $2367

We carry NOS products also, Call for prices!!

Zex Nitrous Systems - Available in Wet and Dry kits, Call for prices!!!

Hotshot KA24 Header (Specify year) - $259

High flow 3" Magna Flow Catalytic Converter, welding required - $120

Mitsubishi Turbo Bolt On Upgrades Available for your 4G63! - Call for pricing!